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One of the very first things I ask someone interested in coaching is what does your dream life look like and why is it different from your life right now?

My approach to coaching is that there is no approach and no agenda.

You are the agenda and you are the approach.

My only objective is transformation.

We work on the fears, the resistance and the power that you have within to take focused action and make decisions based on your desired outcomes and the life you create in the here and now.  

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The single most valuable thing I learned from working with Molly is that the reason of WHY I want to do something is what drives me.  Molly reminded me that getting back to the "why" helps me to make the right choices about all my decisions. – Janie Houselog
I was curious about what I could learn about myself.  I appreciate Molly's gentle demeanor and knowledge; and also her willingness to work with me from a distance.  I’d recommend working with her to my friends and family.  – Alissa K.
Working with Molly helped me to break down my options in such a simple way.  For me, the biggest shift has been going from 'I'd have to dedicate my time 24/7 to writing and publishing to ever put a book out there... so its probably going to be years before that happens' to 'I CAN be a published author and make writing and publishing work in an enjoyable way, right alongside my other work.  I can do it now and stop waiting!’  – Melissa Elizabeth
Through Molly's services I've gained  knowledge about what kind of nutrition and lifestyle really nourishes my whole being.  She gives great advice and suggestions that can be put into action right away.  – Elise Goodman
I have many ideas and am infinitely inspired. Molly's support in writing my book has allowed me to make room for all my ideas, yet has encouraged me to stay focused on one thing at a time. She has helped me outside of writing my book, too, in that I am learning to focus and prioritize many elements of my vision and calling. – Jamie Johnstad

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