I decided to offer something new.  

I hear it over and over again from clients, friends and entrepreneurs – and boy have I experienced it too...

Not knowing WHERE the money is going to come from.  

So, you end up stressing it and trying a million different things, hoping that SOMETHING will stick.  Maybe you've even tried to make something work and staying really, really focused.  

But you got tripped up on the tech
You didn't like it in the end
You wasted all this time

And for what?


Well, I'm here to tell you that failing (and failing again) has brought you right here to this very spot.

And what I've learned that's turned everything around for me is this:


Everything you've ever wanted to 


Has come from this place.

And it's right here waiting for you to ALLOW fresh thought to come in AND - - - 

Here it is:  



So, if you want to here more, keep reading.  

If not, go do your thing, sweetie.  

We ALL need you to keep bringing your light into the world and sharing your journey and gifts.  

Bring all the love to light. ✨💜


Still interested in learning more?  

Read on...

So, here's the deal.  I just created a brand new program where we'll work for 2 weeks (virtually side by side) to bring your offering to life - fast.  To give your clients what they want and need without you getting hung up on any of the details.

I hear it all the time from my coaching clients....  

They ask for my help in PUSHING their service or idea through quickly...

But they can't quite yet afford to hire out help in tech or customer service or even design...
They can't quite decide which idea or price or program to really offer..
They're just not ready to launch it - or sell it - or share it without some extra guidance.

That's where the SPRINT comes in!

Here are all the details:

LET'S SPRINT is a 2 week intensive where we work together to quickly push your service, 
program, online course, workshop, book – your offering out into the world and sell it – fast!

Two things to get clear on first because


You must be:

1. Ready to commit to doing the work with me.
2. Super passionate about your *offering* to bring it to the world.

One other thing....

If you're looking for a cookie cutter magic wand or something else you think I have to make this just poof! happen for you.  Turn away please.

The work/play we'll be doing together over these 2 weeks will be authentic, intuitive, creative and highly strategic.  

I don't have the answers for you.  You do.  

But I CAN promise you this:

1. I'll be there as your guide every step of the way.
2.  I will NOT hold back on anything you need to hear, I need to share, or anything I know that could benefit you or your current or future dream clients.
3.  I am ALL IN when we're together (and sending my light and energy to you when we're apart.)

Here are the details, dates and important info:

This is what you'll get:

  • An Initial Mindset/Strategy/Planning Session with Molly (untimed, over the phone, up to 2 hours in duration) the week before we sprint.
  • Six (6) 30 minute phone or video conferencing sessions with Molly scheduled every other day during our two weeks together (weekdays only).
  • A 2-hour guided session for help, questions, and set-up of all your tech done over the phone or messenger to implement your offerings smoothly.
  • VIP email access to Molly during the 2 week sprint intensive.

Your start date options:  
Pick your two weeks in September or October - - first come first serve!  Once you sign up, you'll be contacted to schedule your Initial Planning Session and set up your 2 week schedule for your Sprint.  Let's do this!!!!

>> BONUS:  Video Training: How to create offerings again and again that your clients love* 💛

*This is a BRAND NEW!! never released before training explaining exactly how I test and create own services and offerings using my process of connecting and going deep within to know what my clients (and I) need and want right now.

**And because I want you to experience how quickly you make things happen when you tune in, focus AND get the support you need - -  and I realize that most of you are on a tight budget in this stage of your business as an entrepreneur, teacher or coach - - I decided to keep the cost low compared to my higher priced offerings.  Payment plan is also available.

Total Investment:

One payment of $997* 
Pay in full and save $200!

Two payments of $599* 

This opportunity is currently OPEN to EVERYONE - - including new and current coaching clients.


*Note: there are only 5 spaces available due to the nature of this program! 

**I plan to do another round of sprints in 2018 - - but the price will increase.  This is an excellent time to get in because this is the first time I'm offering something like this where you can expand and make income and impact quickly.  

The sky's the limit! xx


Molly Downs is a transformative coach, speaker and the author of three books including Follow Your intention and Write Your Book in 10 Days.

She has spent the past seven years as a coach, writer and teacher empowering leaders, coaches and creative types to tap into their gifts and message and share it with the world. Her books and trainings are shared within her intimate online community and with her clients around the world.

You can follow her on TwitterInstagram and Facebook, and read from her blog at www.mollydowns.com.