Live now.

See what's possible and unfolding FOR YOU now – in your business and your life.



open and ready

You want to experience more freedom, joy, abundance, love, and creativity.  You might not know what it looks like, but you're open to the unfolding of all of the possibilities that you can't yet see. You're ready for the next level.  




Being in the space where transformation occurs, looking in the direction and exploring the unknown (and known) space with me. Where awareness and insight combined with a bit of strategy opens up and comes together to create something new that didn't exist before.




When the space and pointing meet something completely new and different.  We create the impossible together and bring it to life, all the while, enjoying the best part – the journey.


What's on offer?

A whole new way of thinking.
A whole new way of living.
A whole new way of being.


Meet Molly

Molly Downs is a Transformative Coach, Speaker and Author. 

She works with teachers, coaches, leaders, CEOs and entrepreneurs to help them see the fresh possibilities that surround them, and create and live out their vision in real time. 

Her books and trainings are shared within her intimate online community and with her clients around the world. 

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I can think of at least two major shifts that took place from my coaching session with Molly – things that have been stuck for years. She holds the vision and space for her clients to make shifts happen and transform their lives in a positive way.

Amy Kelly, Oswego, IL