Molly Downs is a transformative coach, speaker and author.

Her journey in working for more a decade in the corporate world, then in the creation of many different types of successful start-ups, along with her background as a Yoga and Ayurveda practitioner; gives her a unique perspective in how to bring forth projects in an almost effortless way, all the while experiencing a truly amazing life.

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A note from Molly

We are all spinning on this planet doing one of TWO things:

We are either looking for (or) living in a natural state of health and total well-being. 

We all experience transition and shift at the most unexpected times, when we find ourselves once again looking for purpose and meaning in a brand new place.

You have unique gifts to share and it’s in your nature to want to share them.

You already know what you need;
you just might need some help seeing it.

To the very next step x

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