Clarity and Focus

There's a central question that usually comes up when I first start working with a client, or catch up with a close friend, and it's this:

What steps should I take now? Should I say 'yes' or 'no' to X, Y, or Z?

Often when we find ourselves

In a brand new place or situation,
With a brand new idea,
Or a brand new way of being in the world..

It can appear like the road ahead might be full of HUGE obstacles, potholes and cracks.

When in fact, it's easy to know what to do next –

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Where Are You Playing Small?

The overall theme I kept feeling into again and again was that I've been playing small.  Now, for those of you who've spent time with me in person, you know that I stand at a grounded 5 feet tall, which doesn't exactly leave me towering over people!

But what does my actual size have to do with my presence and the work I put forward into the world?

What does that have to do with how I show up each day and allow the unfolding to do its thing and expand my mind, vision, and yes, even my offerings?

Where do I hold back?

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Lean In

I wanted to send out a message on New Year's Day - but instead took some time to feel into what's coming up for me now.  I'm seeing it in myself and my clients.   

The deep knowing and urge to lean in...

Lean in - - to all of our dreams
Lean in - - to our gifts
Lean in - - to our deep knowing
Lean in - - to the new life we're being called to lead now...

It's within this quote from Marianne Williamson that unwraps the gift

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