Failure in disguise


Where are you not seeing what you want to create in the world?

What’s holding you back from being truly yourself and not some version of you that’s all hyped up or undercover?

Where do you want to show up and serve?

This for myself hasn’t always be a simple answer. And that’s not because it’s not simple.  It’s because I’ve made it complicated.

I’ve made it complicated and swirly and such because I personally don’t want it to come true.


Because that means that I might fail.

And I know, I know...failure is just another lesson in disguise, right?

But when it looks real in the moment, it doesn’t matter what someone else says it is.  It looks real to me, so it’s real.

The thing that shifts, and can shift again and again, it’s what I see for my clients, in their businesses and projects and personal lives – and for myself.  

Me too.

Is that it looks super real to me until it doesn’t anymore.  An insight shifts me and then I see that the dinosaurs that looked larger than life, so cool and so realistic in a movie like Jurassic Park suddenly look like puppies in my mind, just wanting my attention and love so I notice them, until I don’t need them anymore.

For protection to block the fear.

Because they were never real.

Accept for in my head, as thoughts lingering trying to get my attention so that I could analyze, almost figure them out, analyze again and then


They’re gone.

And what’s left behind is like clouds in the sky, masking as space and freedom for new ideas and thought to come and say Hello.

I feel like I’m flying above the clouds of thought storms in my mind.

So..I’m curious..

What looks real to you?  

What are you willing, even just to consider looking at with new eyes?


When It’s Not About You Anymore


Today I want to ask you a few questions for you to reflect on and see what you see.

Take a moment to think of something you’re up to these days, and picture it as a project.

Now, take your personal self out of the equation and ask:

What would I do today for my project if my personal thinking wasn’t a factor?

What would I do to get the ball rolling?
What chance would I take?
What would it look like if whether I failed or succeeded didn’t matter?

How would it change my approach and what I’m up to in my project day to day and how I let it move through me?

What I’ve experienced for myself and in working with my clients in what they’re up to in the world is this:

When you take your personal self and thinking out of the decision making process, you just Do What Looks Right in the moment.

And you don’t spend much time (if any at all) on what anyone (including your your ego) might think about the result.

The project often unfolds in beautiful ways you couldn’t see when you were focused through a narrow lens of personal thinking and judgement.

Here's the thing – you often:


Enjoy the ride!



Morning's here! Here's how to meet it.

perk up (1).png

I was just having a conversation with one of favorite clients about how our Vision connects with daily productivity and getting the right stuff done.  

It reminded me of something Jerry Seinfeld talked about in the hilarious and inspiring documentary “If You’re Not In the Obit, Eat Breakfast” by Carl Reiner and a host of amazing people living beyond their age.  In the doc, to paraphrase something Jerry Seinfeld talked about in how when he wakes up in the morning, and rarely ever feels good. But as soon as his feet hit the floor and he gets moving, the lights of life sort of come on, and he starts feeling great.

Taking a cue from this wisdom and the guy who belts out “Morning’s here!!!!” outside of Joey’s window in the show “Friends” this looks really clear to me.

In order to move with our Vision and whatever is moving through us in the Now – and have this sort of effortless movement throughout the day with our tasks in getting the right things done – all we need to do to kick this in high gear is to at the very start of our day and throughout moment to moment is to:


Rise to meet life in whatever opportunities, ideas, relationships, tasks are right in front of us.  There are those times when our personal thinking comes in with judgment until we notice it, and it falls away.  

Suddenly we’re left with an obvious answer to what looked like a No or a huge challenge just a few minutes ago and becomes an obvious Yes with a path forward.  Maybe a bit of what looks like now as a rough and bumpy path – but soon you notice it comes with a shortcut you couldn’t see before!

As long as we keep showing up and engaging with life, remarkable opportunities will surprise us, already knocking at our door and shouting…

Morning’s here!!!

How will you rise to meet it today?

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Like picking flowers...

flower garden.png

As we begin a new week, I’d like to share a perspective that came to me today.

It’s an image, sort of a vision of how opportunity works and what it can look like if you’re open to seeing and experiencing it for yourself.

When we find ourselves wrestling with a particular goal or something we want and don’t have in the moment, it can feel sucky.

This is because inside we’ve already said YES to it, but we don’t see it in form, smack dab in front of our faces yet.

The thing is - - it DOES actually exist in this moment inside of you.

Which means, it is already taking form.

You just don’t know exactly what it’s going to look like yet when it’s complete.

But since nothing is ever really complete, and it’s always taking some new form or shape even after it’s left us, than is there any point at all in thinking that we are without anything?

Just stay with me here...

It looks really real, I know.

The illusion of us being without something when it’s already present inside of us as thought energy, is just untrue.  

It’s still taking form.
It’s still growing.
It’s still in creation mode.

The cool thing about this perspective is that when we notice how in any given moment we’re creating something out of nothing - - is that life can look like the vision I mentioned at the beginning of this article.

The vision of us being completely surrounded by OPPORTUNITY all of the time (inside).

Close your eyes for a moment, and picture yourself in a flower garden.

You’re walking around when you realize that you’re completely surrounded by countless flowers, each one symbolizing a new opportunity you couldn’t see before.  

You start picking the flowers, one by one by one…

Until you realize that the garden goes on forever, there are endless flowers to pick, and


And there is no separation between you and the flower.

Enjoy this new week, and all of the opportunities that surround you now!  

Don’t forget to smell the roses...