A word about wanting, intending, and follow through...

So..I am working on a project that involves my writing when suddenly...I get a craving.  A craving for something I cannot have unless I drive about 75 miles north! Have you guessed it?  I bet not.

I really wanted an authentic Mango Lassi.  Also known as a mango smoothie or a sweet drink halted from India.  It aids digestion and boosts energy, among other things.

I have been trying to perfect this drink ever since the local Indian Restaurant closed its doors in late July.  I am really pleased to say that I have come way close to the original.  I don't have the mangoes direct from India or rosewater...but I must say...delicious.

Before I share my recipe with you, I have some words to share on the process of...

Wanting...Intending...and the all too important Follow Through.

As I sipped my lassi, my thoughts kept swaying back to the writing project I mentioned earlier.  I am on the follow through part and about halfway there.  Half the battle of the follow through is mustering up enough courage to keep going up the hill and at the same time keeping with the natural flow of your desire.

Tricky...or maybe not.

I feel like I'm climbing a steep, treacherous mountain and the only way to make it to the top, is to let the Wind (yes, the wind!) be my guide.  More about that later...

For now, I'll leave you with the lassi ~

  • Slice and cube one (1) ripe mango.  Place in blender.
  • Add one (1) cup of plain yogurt (the thicker the better: greek, homemade, or otherwise)
  • Add a pinch of green cardamom powder (this is optional, but very good)
  • Add one (1) tablespoon of honey, agave, or sugar (you pick, I used local honey)
  • Mix! (it will be very thick)
  • Add 5 ice cubes
  • Mix!
  • Add 1/2 cup of milk (you pick, I used 2% organic)
  • Pour
  • Top with a drizzle of honey or a cherry (optional)

Create something small to help you create something big.  Look back constantly in your life and say, I did that.  I can do this.