How to Open your Creative Heart

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touchedthey must be felt with the heart.”  
Helen Keller
Just as we cannot care for someone or something without caring for ourselves first; we also cannot truly connect with another person or thing without first allowing ourselves to feel and open our own heart. 
But how do we open our heart without feeling completely vulnerable and exposed all of the time?  

We choose. 

We can choose when and with whom we are going to share; and how much.  The important thing is that we choose.  We follow our instinct and share. 
Opening your heart center will also connect you to your creative self; something I like to call the creative heart center.  It gives you access to what brings you complete joy and freedom; ultimately connecting you to what Joseph Campbell calls, “your bliss.”  Sometimes it can show itself as a literal work of art – a painting or sculpture.  Take a moment to check out the website Etsy if you haven’t already; and you will see beautiful art forms from all over the world, some small in scale, some large.  
All humble contributions; works of He(art).
And there are times when the creative heart plays out differently and shows us where we should share and with whom we should create.  It can bring you a feeling or desire to follow instead of a concrete idea.
To connect and open your heart, it takes practice and patience.  
Just take a moment to pay attention and feel into your heart center.  It is one of the most powerful and humble experiences one can have.  Then allow whatever feelings come up to come through you, and breathe.