The insight I had today


I finished my lunch and decided to meditate for a bit.  I had a lot of thoughts brewing…questions…answers…needed to clear my head. To say the least, it took more than a moment for my monkey mind to shut up.  My baby kitten, Sapphire, crept into the room as I was trying to focus on being even more still.  She crawled around the back my meditation pillow, gently brushing up against me to say hello. I opened my eyes briefly and noticed that she was now sitting in the sunlight on a small, brown ottoman.  Her eyes were closed as she welcomed the afternoon sun. I closed my eyes again and attempted to connect to a more peaceful, blissful, sacred state.  My mind stopped chattering.  I felt the sun warm my face and the connection to everything expanded.  I felt the same stream of energy floating through me that was floating through and around Sapphire.   And then I had an epiphany.  This is how it showed up on paper. There is Nothing wrong with being still  and doing No Thing.   Bask in the quiet of these everyday moments.   They will feed your Doing Tasks.   Enjoy simple pleasures… a smile sunshine  bells Breath. Allow each moment to be unwrapped  delicately like the most gorgeous present That It Is. Peace and love,