Green tea, the forgotten latte?

This time of year, I usually crave an afternoon chai tea.  Let's face it, it's comforting and it gives me a bit of a boost with its earthy spice and caffeine.

But today, I was fresh out and did not want to leave my desk to venture out in the cold for a cup of sweet chai.  This lack of what I was craving, led me to be reacquainted with an old friend; enter Mr. Green Tea.

I had tried a green latte once in a coffeehouse, but did not care for it much.  It was bitter and dare I say, bland?  So here is my new and inspired version of a comforting and healthy Green Tea Latte.

Full of antioxidants and a bonus of an immunity booster if you add the raw (preferably local) honey.

It's the bee's knees. 

Brew one cup of green tea for no more than 2-3 minutes to avoid bitterness.  Steam or froth some of your favorite milk.  Carefully (I spilled…) pour the milk into the cup of green.  Add liquid stevia or raw honey and stir…and drizzle with a bit more honey.


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