Yoga at the zoo (and a chimp's perspective)

Good morning!

I just returned from a weekend trip to one of my favorite places to visit – Madison, Wisconsin.  My family and I went to the zoo.  But I must say, I never really feel comfortable there.  I love seeing the animals up close, but I really can't stand seeing them in cages or confined in anyway.  Well, I do feel a bit safer on the other side of the fence from the lions and tigers (oh my.)  But, seriously the whole thing just kind of creeps me out.  But this weekend, I had a new perspective...


All because of this chimp.  Chaos was all around.  The chimp's friends and foes were screaming and playing, showing off for all of us humans.  Whether or not he or she is happy being cared for at the zoo and not roaming in the wild, I'm not sure.

But what I witnessed was a sweet chimp sitting in contemplation, feeling deep peace and understanding.  Or maybe this is just a normal behavior in chimps that I don't understand.

And that could be right.  But it doesn't really matter.  

It's what we take away from any situation that gives us our take, our perspective and it's ultimately with us.



Is there a person or situation you're wrestling with that needs a change in perception?  Often a new look at any situation can create a shift.  And that shift in your perspective and how you view the situation or person doesn't need to be "correct."  All that matters is what you do with your thoughts and feelings.

Because in the end it lies with you and what you choose to do with it. Feel good now or feel bad now.

I'd like to think that this chimp is teaching me (and us) to be calm amidst the drama and chaos.

What do you think?