3 Big Tips for Your Best Ideas

ideasGood Morning, all! I have ideas, we all have ideas.  But they come to us...and then they go.  Where?  I have no idea. 

Here's the thing – they don't have to go away.  Here are my 3 BIG Tips for Capturing your Best Ideas:

1.  Write it down.  Keeping a journal is the best way to let your ideas freely flow (no spelling or editing, please.) 

Sure, but what if I'm driving down a highway and my kids are yelling or something else distracts me?  

Poof!  Idea gone.  Nope.  Check out Tip #2.

2.  Say it.  When I come up with a great idea, I say it tell my phone to record a Note for me or schedule a Reminder.  Sometimes I even Email myself.  And if it just isn't doable to talk to my phone, I tell someone.  Just speaking it connects my brain to the idea in a different way and I usually recall it later so that I can write it down or take some sort of action.  And when I forget, sometimes that person I told it it to reminds me about it later.  Sweet.

3.  Take Action, Baby!  Seriously. That one little step you are procrastinating on to research or follow your idea – just do it already.  Make the call, google the concept, or go to the library.  If you don't ACT – what happens?  Absolutely Nothing.

I hope this was useful.  If you thought so, please share it!


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