Are you ready? (set...go!)

Hi there, I just returned from a trip to St. Pete's Beach in Florida and I'm feeling a bit stirred up.

Even though the highs were only in the mid 60's, the beach was full of life and the air was so fresh.  

I actually found myself breathing more, and holding on less.

I'll share more about my travels with you soon, but for now I've got some fresh ideas and events to tell you about.  

#1:  I'm putting the finishing touches on my Workshop Schedule for 2015.  I'll be offering more, and yes, there is a yoga component!  More to come soon...

#2:  I'm getting ready to publish a new book and am now in the editing process.  Please send good vibes my way!

#3:  Dinner and Done is growing!  That means expanded services and products for you :)

#4:  A website is being launched for my first book, "Letters to Siena" (details coming soon!)

Scroll down the page, and share the ♥.

Best to you,