3 Simple Steps to Make Your Day

I’m awake and writing. This is the first morning in awhile that I actually woke up to write. I’m often distracted by my list of to do’s and the important work I think I should be doing. So I’m up. The most difficult part is over.

Life is moving really fast these days and I’m doing my best to keep up. Free flowing movement mixed with disturbing news day after day has kept me in a constant state of worry, then panic, than diffusing. I’m ready to completely let go now. Ahhhh…

The possibilities that come with living during this time are endless. Too many choices. Be this or that. Eat this or that (or that). The quickness gives us no time to pause. The rush that ensues at stores, and especially during checkout time, for me is exhausting. Really? I need to have everything ready and everything has to keep moving continuously? I’m moving as fast as I can. What am I, a robot?

Okay, then. Now for the positive work. Everything is moving so quickly now, and with so many choices. Mix that up in a bowl of disturbing news coming from all directions and you’ve got one disturbed person (and planet) on your hands.

Here’s my 3 step process to an amazing day.

1. Remember how it used to be. Seriously. And I’m 38 years young and I remember how it used to be way back in the 19’s.People would actually stop to say hello.  Life slowed down, even stopped occasionally, just for the sheer heck of it.  The next time things are on autopilot, and you catch it – take a quick pause and remember the 19’s. Soak it up and move accordingly.

2. Don’t hold your breath. You are actually holding in energy until whenever your brain tells you to release it. This is not good most of the time. Unless you are holding in energy with a plan to let it out in one, giant fierce breath – don’t hold it. Here’s my method for releasing and relaxing your breath: Breathe in slowly. Rest your tongue away from the roof of your mouth. Drop your shoulders. Breathe out slowly. Relax the space between your ears. Relax thought. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Do this enough and you will be happier, more calm and overly optimistic. (Just a warning.)

3. Smile for a good reason. Smiling is contagious and it feels good. It also makes others wonder what you’re thinking about…maybe you have a secret or you’re up to no good! Showing happiness is really easy and calms the masses when dealing with a group of overwhelmed, stressed out adults.

Do just one of of these steps in any given day and you will feel better. After all, you should be enjoying yourself, right? Release the scrunched up ball of stress that has become your being and let it go…you know you want to.