How to change the channel quickly

BreatheEver feel like your mood is reflecting what you’re experiencing?

Wish that the opposite would happen so whatever you’re experiencing is reflected by your mood?

But that’s exactly what’s happening.

Most people believe that they’re circumstances of their environment.  Meaning that the things that happen to them – and the people they’re surrounded by just happen. 

That everything just happens.  We’re all dealing with whatever happens all the time.

I’m telling you this just isn’t true. 

And I’m here to tell you that there’s another way. 

I’ve spent years researching behavior and focusing techniques.  And not until recently, did it finally hit me.

I was reading a book by Esther and Jerry Hicks that discusses many things, but ultimately the Art of Allowing.   Heavy, I know.  But stay with me here.

I finished part one of the book, and afterwards, I took a nap. 

I woke up and had a bright realization. 

All I have to do is change the channel…

Then I began to reflect on some of my life experiences, both large and small.  I saw for the first time how I was directly choosing to tune in to whatever I was experiencing, and then take it in.

I decided to test it out.  I was talking with a close friend and they started telling me this experience they had earlier that day with a reckless driver and they’re feelings about it.

I was listening intently and feeling myself starting to get worked up with my friend.  Then, I caught myself.  I was feeling empathy for them and deep compassion.  I really wanted to keep listening and provide the space so they could air it out.

But here’s the shift…

I was listening wholeheartedly and I began to look out the window and noticed pine trees which seemed to be holding up a steep cliff.  Majestic, standing tall and strong, covered in white blankets of snow, they were absolutely breathtaking.  I began to relaxed my body into my seat and slow down my breath, that I was actually holding.  I felt the strength of the trees surrounding me.  I turned to my dear friend, smiled and responded with gentle words and that was it.  The subject was over.

After this encounter, I felt more bright and stronger than I had felt after my nap!  The rest of my day, I continued looking for a higher vibration whenever I felt a negative emotion coming in. 

I kept changing the channel.  And I felt such gratitude towards the loving an positive experiences I was having, it was an amazing day. 

So here’s the deal.  In whatever situation you find yourself in, always experience it as the highest vibration you can reach.  This means if you’re sitting in traffic, witnessing stress and anger – just change the channel, like you would a radio station. 

Find another thought and go there….because you can.