Take a Time Out with these 5 Questions

Hi there,

With everything happening this time of year, it's so good to take a time out and reflect on what's working for you – and what's not.

I love this quote from Elizabeth Gilbert because it makes me laugh, and at that same time, sort of slaps me to stand up straight =)

So...here are 5 questions to stir up some insight, and help you take action right away.

1.  Is there something or someone I'm resenting right now?  What? Who? Why?

2.  Close your eyes and take a deep breath.  Repeat.  How does my body feel right now?  Where do I feel tense?  Open?  Relaxed?  Close your eyes again and breathe into that spot.  And repeat.

3.  What one thing can I do to take care of myself today.  Then, schedule it and look forward to it all day.

4.  Who do I need to reach out to today?  An close friend?  You mother?  A massage therapist?  Then, call them.  Don't message or text.  Hear them.

5.  What am I saying No to when I'm saying Yes?  Click here to find out.

Enjoy this moment,