Warm Up This Winter

I created a morning self-care routine several years ago; since then I've noticed that my skin is much softer and I have more energy than I've ever had in my life.  

So this morning, I'm sharing my favorite part of my morning routine with you.  

And it's perfect for this time of year!  

The essential step is using a really good body oil in the morning.  

And for all you lotion users out there - switching to a good quality oil will change your life!

Oil options to use vary, but this is my absolute favorite!   It lasts a long time and it's scent is the best!  It's called Aura Glow by Heritage Store.  Click here to buy it on Amazon.

If you're familiar with Ayurveda, you know that essential rose oil is a favorite for Vata types.Don't get me wrong – I still love and use coconut oil almost daily, but it doesn't carry the heat like this oil does because coconut can be cooling.  

Shhh...please don't tell..but I'll be giving this to my sister for Christmas this year....

Another option if this oil isn't for you, is an Ayurvedic oil from Maharishi Ayurveda.  The herbs are packed right into these oils, which makes them very therapeutic.  They also carry a plain sesame oil for the body.

Tip: Leave the oil on the skin for about 10-15 minutes to really reap its benefits.

Stay warm!


P.S. I'm holding a Winter Wellness Workshop on January 9th!  Click here to learn more and save your space at this event!  Hope to see you there!!