Who will you show up for?

Good morning,

I want to share a quick post this morning about being really present and showing up for the people in your life.

How present are you – really?  What I mean is, how do you show up and hold the space for someone else?  Are you thinking of ten thousand other things you have to do while they're talking to you?  Are you nodding yes or no just to please them, or get the conversation finished already?  

You might find yourself doing this, or maybe you just want to it try out, so give this a whirl...

The next time you're with someone, start off by really holding the space for them. 

What do I mean?

Notice every little piece of joy and light or pain and fear coming from them.  

Then just let it be...

Just as it is, still holding the space.  No judgement.  No interference.  But really, just being There for them.  

Now, notice how it feels for you.  You're not going to take on their emotions – you're just going to let them be exactly as they are – right now, in this new moment.

So, who will you show up for today, this week?  Share in the comments below click here to send me a message.

Enjoy this day,