What Brings You Alive?

My day started with a question in the corner of my day planner.

The question was, "What brings you alive?"

Running outside with a cool breeze.  Friends coming together over a meal.  A surprise package at the door.  A great yoga class on a Saturday morning. Holding any type of rock or crystal. Hearing one of my kids gut laughing, really hard.  Seeing the sun rising.  Watching the sun setting.  A great question. Countless answers.

So today I have an short challenge for you.

Take out a piece of paper and write these words on the header.


Then, go!  Draw or write whatever comes to mind, and don't edit yourself!

Now, take a look at your list and how each one makes you feel inside.  Joyful? Inspired? Super pumped?  Be sure and pay attention during the week and see if any of them actually happened.  

So, what brings you alive?  Share in the comments below or contact me here.



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