My Top 10 List Of Books For Motivation

The more important a call or action is to our soul’s evolution, the more Resistance we will feel toward pursuing it. Resistance aims to kill.
— Steven Pressfield

This list is dear to my heart.  Why?  Because each one has taken me from A to B when I didn't think I was ready.  Some of them pushed, pulled and held me through the night.  

How should you use this list?  If a title or author sticks out or jumps out at you – you've got your next read.  Please note that these are in no particular order, as I could never choose one over the other....

There's no turning back now.  (And that's a good thing!!)


  1. The War of Art (Steven Pressfield)
  2. The Artist's Way (Julia Cameron)
  3. The Firestarter Sessions (Danielle LaPorte)
  4. Unleash the Power Within (Tony Robbins)
  5. The Art of Non Conformity (Chris Guillebeau)
  6. Do the Work (Steven Pressfield)
  7. Start with Why (Simon Sinek)
  8. Leap First (Godin)
  9. The Big Leap (Gay Hendricks, PhD)
  10. Daring Greatly (Brené Brown)

Have you read one of these titles before?  Have a favorite one to share?  Is one jumping out at you?  If so - please share in the comments below!

Happy Reading!



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