Eight years later

Today marks the eighth year since we lost our daughter, Siena.  My heart still aches when I think about her, and that day when we got to hold her and say our goodbyes.  My heart will always ache for her – and that will never go away.

But what I’m noticing as I write this morning, is that I’ve lost the need to make sense of it all, of losing her.  I used to feel very certain (or at least I told myself I did) that I knew exactly why she was with us for that very short time, and the purpose of my deep wounds.  Eight years later, I can honestly say that I really don’t know anything for certain, and the allowing of that feeling is part of my healing.

One thing I do know for sure – is that just the thought of Siena, immediately takes me to a place of gratitude for this life I’m living, and to never take even one single breath for granted.  And to keep writing and doing the work.  And to keep sharing it.

Take a moment (right now would be good) and ask yourself,

What will I not take for granted today?

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All my love,