Two Suprising Ways To Be More Flexible

This Mother's Day weekend, I visited one my favorite places with my family - the Madison Zoo.

We're rounding the corner to visit the giraffes (whom I love deeply, maybe because they're so tall and I'm so not:)

I'm standing there in a small crowd, and right in front of me this giraffe backs up, catches its stance, and dives down and through the fence into a Forward Fold.  

Why?  To eat a dandelion.  

This sweet sight got me thinking about flexibility.  Not just having a flexible spine, but the importance of a flexible mind.  I wondered how flexible I could be, and where my perception on a daily basis gets stuck.  Am I really willing to try new things?  Interact with new people?  Discover new places?

Take a moment and think about a situation in your own life that could use a new perspective and some flexibility.  Maybe your schedule?  A relationship with someone close?  A long held belief?

Whatever it is, simply tuck your tailbone, engage core strength (your gut instinct), reach out –

And eat the dandelion.



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