3 Steps to Total Freedom

This is not a joke.  And I should probably put a disclaimer on this post.  

I'm telling you, if you try this, you will find freedom.  Freedom from stress and worry.  Freedom from all that chases you as you try to juggle all those crazy balls.

Let's get to it already.

Step One.  Stop and notice whatever you're doing right now.

Step Two.  Give it your complete attention.  Submerge yourself in the work.  Connect with whatever senses are involved; sight, touch, hearing.  Notice, are you moving?  How?

Step Three. (the most important step) Complete the task at hand fully.  No matter how great or how small.  Whether you're tying your shoes (or someone else's), or running a half marathon.  Lose yourself in the task until it's complete.  This may sound cheesy, but you need to become "one" with the action. Total collaboration.  

You + the Task at hand = ONE.

Watch as things unfold.  Rinse and repeat.

Notice what happens to your morning, your day, your week, your life.  



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