How to Wake Up Early

Right now as I type these words, it’s pretty early.  

I’m used to waking up just as the sun rises, on most days anyway – but lately, I’ve been having trouble.  

So I’ve gone back to the system I used years ago when I needed to wake up early to accomplish big things before my kids needed me and my day began.  

In those days, I needed to wake up early to study for my Ayurveda certification and even earlier when I wrote Letters to Siena. 

I’ve accomplished big things in the small hours of the day.  

Maybe it's a big project, like a book you've always wanted to write.  Or maybe you just want to have some quiet time in the morning before your kids need you.  It could be the perfect time to fit in that workout or yoga practice you've always wanted to make time for.  

Whatever it is, I want you to accomplish it.  

And here's how: Click here for my Free Resource Guide to Waking Up Early.  

It’s a simple way to make a smooth transition, and big things happen – early.