Take the Leap

Some mornings I wake up, and all I want to do is RUN.  

Just the thought of it brings me to a space of Yes and the opportunity of greeting the sun and the clouds and all the green richness surrounding me, literally calls me out of bed.  Birds chirping, well, you get the idea.

And since I had pretty awful asthma in my childhood, I’ve had to work hard to run, even short distances.  My lungs are pushed to a level of not pain of course, but definitely caution, since I’m pretty sure I still have a touch of asthma.  

But no inhaler, thank you.

So I ran today and I ran the farthest I’ve ever gone.  To experienced runners, it truthfully wasn’t that far.  But the thing is, I didn’t have to stop to walk for most of the trip.  That’s HUGE for me.  

Then it hit me.  Metaphorically speaking, I’m ready for more in my life.  Experiences and leaps I’ve never even considered before are calling me to expand.  I’m excited, (a bit scared truthfully) and cautious. 

This run made me realize that I feel the same way about the leaps I’m taking now - day by day - and to quote Ann Lamont, “Bird by Bird.”  

So I’ll keep going and running and expanding.  My lungs, my reach, my Self.

Won’t you join me?

What new leap are you taking in your life?  What is freaking you out to the point of gasping a bit for air?  

Share below with the community, or message me, help@mollydowns.com.

I’m dying to know, and you want to let it out.  I just know it.  

Big or small - whatever it is - declare it Now.