Clear Your Mind with this One Productivity Tip

Some days it's really hard for me to clear my mind.  So much to do, and it seems like there's just not enough time.  

Do you ever feel that way?

Well, here's a great way to clear your mind (and set your priorities) in just a few minutes.  It's not a new method - but the way I do it may be.

First, sit quietly and close your eyes.  Take a few sweet, slow breaths.  

Now, ask yourself, what are my BIG ROCKS for this day.  Meaning – what has to get done?  Pick no more than 3 Big Rocks for the day.  Research shows that more than 3 will actually trip up the brain, making you feel overwhelmed.  

Next, trust that the sand, the things that will happen, flow, and just come up throughout the day will happen and get handled.

So, what're your Big Rocks for this day?  Share in the comments below.

And the last step – rock on with your bad self, and make good stuff happen today!!

Peace and love to you,