The Best Time to Write (or do your best work)

As I write this, I know I'm in my window, my best time of day.  

It's early morning and the birds are wild.  It's time to write.  

Some mornings I wake up with inspiration.  But most days I wake up with an incredible urge to find a pen and paper, with no idea or thoughts in mind at all.  I know the words will show up.  They always do.

You're probably thinking, how? Why?

I know because I've been doing it so long.  Not just writing for years, but writing at the same time for years.  

Sure there are days when inspiration shows up at an odd time.  Like standing in line at the grocery store, or tying my shoes mid-run, or in restorative bridge.  It comes a lot while I'm driving...lost in the moment.

But it always shows up in the early morning.  Why?  Well, it's simple really.  I've trained it to show up.

And you can too.

I'm finishing up on a guide to teach you how to bring your creative works to submission.  To train your muse to show up when you're most available. 

Want in?  

It's coming soon, and it's totally Free.  Just like you're creative spirit.

Click here to be first to get the guide when it's released.

All my love,