Save the Day: 3 Steps to a Better Morning

Each day we rise.  

And what we do as soon as we get out of bed sets the tone for our entire day.  

Do you ever find yourself hurrying out of bed, mind already noisy and your body feels like its on autopilot?  Maybe you literally have a pain in your neck, but no time to notice or tend to it?

This is where the morning ritual comes in to save the day.

Here’s your 3 Steps to a Better Morning:

1.  DECIDE.  How do you want to feel when you wake up?  Refreshed?  Excited?  Energized?  Relaxed?  Calm?  Inspired?

2.  MAKE A (simple) PLAN.  

Want to feel inspired?  Set a timer and read for 15 minutes with a mug of hot water as soon as you wake, and maybe do some journaling.  

Looking to feel energized?  Put your running shoes and workout gear next to your bed…but far enough away so you have to get up out of bed to get to them.  

Want to feel calm and composed?  Do a 5 minute meditation or a yoga warmup for 15 minutes.

3.  DO IT.  START TOMORROW.    Make it a habit. Put it your calendar as a date with you and your soul.  And watch what comes up during your day.  More inspiration?  More calm?  More positive energy?  

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