Family Movie Night

Everyone in our house LOVES movies.  We each have our favorites, so we devised a family movie night every Thursday.  

We finally found a way to make it fair for all of us.  

My sweetie, Jeff and I each pick out a list of movies that we each want to see with the kids, and come to an agreement on a final list. (Lately there's been a lot from the early 90's my son calls it – the nineteens ;)

Once we have our final list, we have each of our three kids pick one, write it down on a scrap of paper, fold it, and toss it in the movie bowl. 

The last step is to toss a coin between two of the three kids to see who gets to pick from the bowl.  Whoever wins gets to go up against the other kid.  The last one standing gets to pick the movie. 

You're probably thinking, why go to ALL THIS TROUBLE just to pick out a movie?

It's because this method causes ZERO fights - it keeps the peace and brings in a little fun.  

What also helps is this delicious homemade pizza recipe.  It's my take on Bobby's Flay's recipe for homemade crust, and it's the BEST.  Click here to download or print the recipe.

I wonder what movie we'll be watching tonight....