Unwrapping presents

The Joy is in the Journey...

I'd like to think that I live this way. 

What I"m noticing coming up as I'm going through a Shift right now in my own life, changing perspective and feeling into new Aha's..is that it makes sense to live this way.  

To enjoy the Journey, as it all unfolds.

It reminds me of Christmas morning. 

Why would you want to know what you're going to unwrap?

I mean, that's what the journey's about, right?

Waking up, doing the work, and unwrapping each gift as it comes to you.

And sometimes...yes, you do get an obnoxious sweater or another pair of slipper socks.

But sometimes, you don't.  

You unwrap the very gift you've been yearning for.  Everything you've been longing for.

All wrapped up.

Just for you.

I'm looking at this Journey of Life in this way now.  It's much better than knowing everything.

After all -- how boring would that be?

Lots of love,


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