This Is Why You Didn't Write Your Book (Again) This Year

When it comes to writing a book, I notice five major mistakes people are consistently making. 

Whether it was a new client coming to me for the first time, or one of my author/readers asking for help, I saw the same things happening again and again..

1.  They were writing without a real schedule and plan.
2.  They had too many ideas and were afraid to pick just one – so they didn't pick any.
3.  They were picking topics that were just too broad and they didn't have a clear view or connection with their reader.
4.  They were writing about what they thought they should write about, but they didn't LOVE what they were writing about at all.
5.  They were trying to do it alone.  A community of support is essential because it holds you accountable and reminds you that you're not alone with the fear and resistance that comes up – and it always comes up. 

When I published my first book, I enlisted help from local authors and editors and really just did the best that I could.  Looking back, I wish I had someone who could take me from idea to shipping my book without having to jump through so many hoops to get my book published.  

That's why I created Write.Ship.Sell. and it's my most popular online course to date.  Click here to learn how to Write, Ship, and Sell Your Book in 30 Days and get the support and tools you need to get your book published this year!