How to Schedule Time for YOU.

Why is it so hard to set time for ourselves, but easy to fit in everything for everyone else?

One of the biggest reasons is because we're living in a reactive social climate.  

Everything and everyone wants our attention - NOW.

So the only way to take time for yourself is to plan ahead and make it work for your schedule.

Don't think you have the time?  

TRY THIS: Take five minutes and write down what you spent your time doing last week. For each day, see what you could have eliminated.  Maybe it was time on Facebook, or watching T.V., or picking up someone who could have walked or gotten a ride from someone else.  Whatever it is, just acknowledge that you made the choice and move on to this new week.

Here's how I schedule it.

I set a reminder on my phone to alert me on Sunday to sit down for 5 minutes (you can even set a timer) and put an appointment on each day of the upcoming week just for me.

Monday 8 pm:  Soak in the tub with tea or champagne

Tuesday 12 noon:  Go to my favorite bookstore and treat myself to a new book

Wednesday 6 am: Wake up and read or journal and watch the sunrise

Thursday 4 pm:  Have a cup of tea and sip slowly...think about what you're grateful for (i.e. this moment!)

Friday 12 noon: Pamper myself with a chair massage or get my nails done

Saturday 9 am: Go to a yoga class

Sunday 10am:  Watch an inspiring documentary on Netflix.  (And take 5 minutes to plan "me time" for next week.)

Now, check in:  If you start feeling guilty about this taking this time for yourself, gently remind yourself that when you take amazing care of YOU, everyone else benefits – and in some ways you'll never even know!

What are you going to plan for yourself next week?  Share in the comments below!



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