How to Deal with the Naysayers

Don't you just hate it?

I mean, when you're pouring your heart into a project or an idea or anything new - and someone just rips all over it..

You tell yourself it doesn't matter.

It doesn't hurt.

But the truth is, it kinda does.

It hurts because we're Human.  

And caring what someone else thinks is part of being human.

So - how can you protect yourself and keep moving forward with your new brilliant project or next big idea without letting the Naysayers get in the way?

Here's how:

Remember that bully from the first grade? 

This kid (or grown up) you're dealing with now is no different.  

But this time, instead of telling the teacher, talk to a friend you can trust.  

Let it ALL OUT and LET GO of what the bully says and thinks.  They're probably just still wounded from someone else crushing their own dreams anyways.

So grow a they say?!

I guess.  

Keep moving forward with whatever you're dreaming up, working on, or inspired to do.

And most importantly...


It's just the next step.  

And your first grade self will be sooooo proud of you!



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