When it's Okay to Not be Present

I was walking my daughter to school this morning and I had a huge Aha.

As I looked around me, at the green trees and sweet neighborhood, I realized that I was exactly where I wanted to be.  

If you would have told me twenty - ten - even five years ago that I would be living the life I am living now, I would have been ecstatic.  

I mean over the moon about it.  

This is exactly where I wanted to be in my dreams all those years ago.

I had arrived.

So, why do I feel a constant slight nudge, sometimes even a nagging, to move forward and not be satisfied?  Why do I want more than I have now?  Why isn't this dream enough?

Two reasons.

One is that I feel this way, as in not satisfied whenever I'm not living in the present moment.  Meaning I'm looking back or forward and not okay with Now.

This keeps me slightly unhappy all of the time, until I bring myself back to the here and Now and experience the moment to its fullest.

Just like I felt this morning on my walk.  I was overjoyed at the feeling of being exactly where I found myself; 39 years old, walking in my neighborhood, married with three kids, writing, working, happy.

The second reason is still really important.  

And that's this:  It's actually good to step outside of the present some of the time.  


It allows us to dream and ponder, What if?  We stretch, we grow and we keep moving forward.

What was different about this morning was that I realized something else.

I've heard it many times.  Always understood it.  

But this time, I felt it in my inner core, in my bones, and in my heart.

It whispered to me...

"You'll never really get there.  

There is no there.  

Enjoy this moment.  

And keep moving forward."

So I'll take the advice, and integrate this new feeling into my day.

Feeling so grateful to be ALIVE.

Enjoy this day!!



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