When You Love The Work

What keeps me from doing the work I'm meant to create and do?

Where and when does resistance show up in my work?

It shows up in my other roles.

As a mother

As a wife

Trying to keep it all together, every single day.

The balance is this.

Picture a teeter-totter 

A little this way, a little that way

Someone needs me more

A child is home sick from school,

I'm still called to do my Work,

Make dinner,

Spend time with my family

Then yearning all the way back to my work.

So this brings me to a realization...

If you don't LOVE your Work, where does it fit in with the rest of your loves – and ultimately – your life?

How can it be part of the balance and still get your attention?

It cant.

Because you don't love it like you love your child.

Here's the bold thing I just have to say –

You should.


Because It's been with you since the very beginning.

The very beginning of YOU and it's part of your purpose of why you're here.

To keep doing the Work.

And live your life to the fullest expression –

In every area that you are called to Live.

So when should you start doing the work you were meant to do?

Just begin, a little at a time.




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