What are you waiting for?

Sometimes you just have to take a step back and

Really look at

The Big Picture of your Life.

I'm turning 40 later this year – and there are a few things that I really see myself accomplishing by 40.  

Whether or not you have a big birthday coming up or not – there's good reason to


Step Back and take a 

Look at the Big Picture of

Your Life.

Take stock in how you

Spend your time

Who you spend it with

How you walk in this world

What work do you do

Day in and day out

Because these hours and minutes and seconds

Are precious.

Don't let them Slip past

Until it's too late to do that 

One Thing

You've been holding out for and hoping for and waiting for

Capture it Now.

Life NOW.

After all, what in the world are you waiting for already?