Time Expands

Can you remember a time when you were busy doing something

And time seemed to expand and grow - and you were feeling like 

You were in the flow of life, and forgot about time altogether?

The connection between this feeling of flow and time is fascinating.

So, if you ever feel the reverse of Flow, try this:

Close your eyes, take a few breaths, come back to the present.

Imagine with eyes closed that you have ALL the time and space you need

To finish your project

To do you work

To complete your task

To arrive.

Now, open your eyes and take that feeling with you, never letting go.

The feeling that time will expand for you in ways you don't even realize.

Sound hokey?

It's not.

I've done this many times with great results.

Because so much of what we HOLD ONTO

Needs to let go

In order for Time to work with us, so we're not pushing against it.