Back to Balance

Do you ever struggle with balance?

Do you even believe in it?

I've always practiced balance – but I see it differently now.

To me, it's not something you can actually achieve overall, with all areas of your life.

I like to picture it like a teeter-totter.

One side goes up, one side goes down.  

And for a moment or two, there's some balance in the middle....

Do you know what I mean?

And if you balance one area of your life, it can sometimes alter another area – either taking it off course or helping it balance too.

This whole idea of ever achieving TOTAL balance can be thrown out the window of course – and the sooner the better.


The practice of balancing areas of our life – health, work, relationships, money, personal growth, time....can be REALLY EMPOWERING and even LIFE CHANGING.

Anyone can practice this daily.

And what I most love about my work is discovering with them what's off balance, bringing in different things to come to balance, and then see it all unfold for them, where they're seeing massive results and change in the areas that gave them the most stress and pain.

The stuff that they didn't want to even look at anymore, let alone think about.

So - - balance is a practice.

My clients are always asking me how I balance it all.  

Here's how.

If you notice an area of your life that's "off" – spend some time there.  

Try new things.  

Make adjustments to your schedule.  

Eat new foods.  

Stretch and move.  

Listen more.  

To your body - your heart - to the person or thing trying to get your attention.

But whatever you do, don't ignore it, sweetie.

Because it will keep coming back until it's really got your attention – and manifest itself into a bigger problem – or worse – pain or even disease.

If you trust your instincts and listen to your gut, you'll give it the attention it longs for, bringing you Back to Balance.

And that's where the real change happens, and your life unfolds in ways you could never foresee or plan.  

You land the job you've always wanted.  

He says Yes.  

The money rolls in.  

You lose those last 10, 20, 30 pounds.

You heal.  

You laugh.  


But whatever you do, don't just wait around...

And remember to – enjoy this day.



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