Morning Mindset

There are those mornings like today when I woke up feeling so good....

I slept like a baby last night, and woke to the sound of strong winds and rain.

I had a chance to meditate for a bit, I got dressed for my workout and sipped my water.

And then - - -

The Chaos Began.

The kids were arguing and making a ton of noise,

It escalated to fighting and eventual separation at the breakfast table.

I spoke in my "You're Going To Listen To Me"  Mom voice, doing my best not to lose it.

Not to lose the feeling I woke with

The feeling I love to wake up to

With all possibilities ahead for my day.

The good news is that I didn't

Lose it.

And I know why.

I took the time to center myself before the chaos

I took just a few minutes to get ready for bed the night before

I took time for myself yesterday to work out and write and breathe...

All the little things that preceded added up to this moment

As I write this morning post about mindset...

And I know that I will show up FULLY for this day,

This moment

This breath

This one life.

Feeling oh so grateful...