How do you want to feel – REALLY?

A great way to decide what to do next

To make a decision

To change your outlook and

To be really present

Is super simple.

Try this:

Before you do the next ____ thing (whatever it is)


Then, ask yourself, "How do I want to feel – really?"

Now let the word pop into your head and take you to the destination of whatever you're about to do, say or act on.

Want to feel beautiful today?

Want to feel free?

Maybe confident?

Or Abundant?

Is it connection that you're after?

Then go there Now.

Do whatever, wear whatever, say whatever, go wherever you need to 

In order to feel that way.

Try it.

It really works.

Because when you acknowledge and allow 

What you REALLY want...

Then it all flows, baby.

And don't enjoy this Brand Spanking New Day.



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