One Thing At A Time

Lately I've been researching and practicing the act of doing one thing at a time.

I've learned a lot about multi-tasking, which I know is really task-switching.  As I delve deeper into my own way of catching myself moving way too fast and doing too many things at once – I'm learning a lot about the negative effects it has on my task list and my life; but mostly I'm learning a whole lot about myself.

CONFESSION: What I discovered is that when I really slow down and do one thing at a time, my mind gets a little irritated.  

It says, "Hurry up, already!!  Let's do something else."  

And instead of doing what it wants to do -- I bring myself back to the moment and task at hand, take a deep breath; and my inward dialogue speaks to my monkey mind like you would to a toddler that's getting into trouble again.

I gently say to myself:  "No, keep doing this.  That will wait."

The first thing I notice is my body's reaction; which is happy to stay with the one thing I'm already doing.  

It relaxes, and then I relax.  Fully. 

My focus is fixed on the one thing I'm doing.

And nothing else.

Then, I get it done. And move onto the next thing.

Sure, I get interrupted sometimes by someone wanting my attention.  But unless it's a real emergency – and let's face it – a child asking for a snack or my phone beeping at me can probably wait 30 seconds for me to pause whatever I'm doing....

I'm sure you know what I'm talking about and I'm not alone here.  Right?

Living in a world filled with choices and distractions all begging for our time makes it really challenging to do







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