The Practice of Letting Go

The hardest part of any relationship or project or thing you want is the letting go part.

I've been working on this for awhile now,

And I've come to realize that it's a Practice all on its own.

Letting Go.

Of the result

Of how you think things should look

Of how you think they should act

Of what they'll say

Of what they'll think

Of how it will all turn out.

It's especially hard if you're anything like me

And you're the type of person that can be a bit of a – 

I'm just going to say it:  Control Freak.

That's why I'm trying on Letting Go for size a bit more than ever before.

And this is what I'm learning.

When I really and truly,


My end goal or outcome is reached –

So much faster and easier than I ever could have expected.

But - - 

The really cool thing is that the WAY in which it all unfolds

Is so surprising and with such ease and flow

That I could have never dreamt it up myself as a plan,

Not in a million years.

So - - the next time you're REALLY WANTING something to happen,

Take a deep breath and LET GO of the How.


Of course still do the work –

Call him,

Write the pages,

Find the support you need.

But please –

For the sake of your sanity and the BIG thing you want –


And it will all unfold before your eyes.

Don't forget to enjoy this day  ~



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