Go to the NOW.


You know the feeling, like something's brewing

Bubbling up inside of you.

It might be a change

Or an idea

Or a decision

Or a really BIG shift...

You can't explain it – 

But you can feel it.

It can even be difficult to feel good physically, emotionally

When you know change is happening

Within You.

I've found for me – the only way to feel okay while this is all going on..

Is to get really, really present.

To be good with the moment at hand.

To except it and embrace it.

And at the same time being okay that you don't quite know

What it's going to be like or feel like when 



Or Idea takes shape.

And that's okay.

It's all good –


Just love this moment as best as you can.

Knowing that life is working FOR you and not against you.

And don't forget, to really enjoy THIS day!



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