Are You Putting Out Fires All Day Long?

Here's the best way (and the fastest way) to stop

Putting out fires all day long.


But first - ask yourself - 

What did I do first thing this morning?  

Maybe you straight away turned on your phone

Or checked your email

Or started picking up after other people

Or turned on the TV

Or listened to the news.

Well then, of course you're day is going to be OFF.

I mean really OFF....

To spend your day doing the tasks at hand and even have some extra time

To do a bit of what you love (God forbid, it's still YOUR life - right?)

Then you need to start your day off on the right foot.

Start off by choosing just ONE THING that you want to do in the morning –

Before the Day comes running after You with the fire hose.

Now, do that one thing and watch how it FEEDS your whole day.

Go for a morning walk

Read an inspiring book

Sit and breathe

Do your workout

Hold someone you love

Start writing your book

Make a healthy and delicious breakfast

Make the best cup of coffee and drink it outside or

Tell someone you love them.

The possibilities are completely endless... are you starting this brand new day?

Don't forget to enjoy it!!



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