Are you charging what you're services are worth?

Are your prices in alignment with the value you provide?

Do you charge less because...well, WHY exactly?

Maybe you're thinking that you charge too much...or too little.

Here's the thing –

For the service, product, offering you provide, you can basically charge whatever you want.

So how do you know what to charge?  Especially when you're just starting out?

You could look around at your competitors to see what they're charging –

But what if you don't have any, or what if that doesn't feel right?

Here's what to do to determine your prices:

1. Get really quiet, take a few breaths, and close your eyes.

2. Think of the product or service and picture it in your mind's eye.  Think of all the value it provides your customers or clients.  Let yourself "feel into" the value if you can.

3. Let the price come to you.  Whatever it is.  That's your price.  Now ask yourself, does that feel right?  Not – will people pay that much – is that too small?  Don't second guess yourself.  

Just remember to ALWAYS GO WITH YOUR GUT.  

And don't forget to Enjoy this New Day!



P.S.  Hey you! I hope this article helped you come up with a price that feels right, and is in alignment with your business goals.  Click here to message me and tell me what you're working on and if this subject matter resonated for you –  I always reply back :)