If you take a moment to think about it or just

Feel into it –

Your inner world almost always matches

Your outer world.

If you're seeing turmoil and chaos

You're probably feeling it inside too.

So which comes first?

Inner or Outer?

And why is it that whenever we work on 


We almost always, always, always

Feel better?

It's the chicken or the egg question.

Do we create our outer world individually and

Is what we are seeing as a society the reflection of our

Collective Inner Selves?

Here's something to ponder...

Work on YOU

And watch how your world improves.

It won't happen instantly and

It isn't perfect

But you might notice how much better you feel inside

And then maybe even have 

The energy

The creativity

The ideas

The foresight

The will

The way


To bring more LOVE to this world

To Your World

Inner and Outer 💚

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And don't forget to ENJOY THIS DAY.