There are times in our lives when we feel called to do something completely different...

It can feel strange at first when an idea or an opportunity seems to fall out of thin air, and we realize that we MUST take action and go-do-that-thing, but it can be


Our logical brain gets involved and says,

No – and in colorful ways:

You really shouldn't because

There's not enough time,
You're too young
You're too old
You can't afford it right now
You're too busy

And the worst of all:  
What would THEY say?

There will never be the PERFECT time to

Create your thing
Start your cool side business or
Ask her out

You'll never have the PERFECT amount of knowledge or expertise to

Write your book
Teach an online class or
Be a yoga teacher

You'll never have the PERFECT amount of time to

Go out with new friends
Have children or
Spend time on your hobby

You'll never have the PERFECT amount of money to

Be your own boss
Take the trip or
Start a movement

Because the TIME is NOW.

There is only this moment.

So if feeling the itch to start something – go do it.

Stop talking about it and make it happen.

As soon as you take the first step, 
All of the resources you need –


The people
The time
The funds
The know-how –

And you can sit back and do your thing, and years from now, you'll ask yourself:
How on earth did I do ____?

It will all seems so easy years from now - you'll remember the hard work and the nerves around taking that leap, but it will seem sort of effortless...like, of course I did that.

Of course I started my own business
Of course I went through yoga teacher training

Of course I met the love of my life and took the leap
Of course I started a family
Of course I wrote my book

Of course I....

Now, you fill in the blanks:

Of course I ______
Of course I ______
Of course I ______


Go do your next BIG thing!  There has never been a more important time than NOW.

And don't forget, to ENJOY this day.



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