Why You're All Lit Up Inside: Goals vs. Commitments

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I was listening to an audio training last week by Steve Chandler on having goals vs. commitments.

I've always understood the concept, but this time it hit me on a new level.

The whole idea that we can't possibly commit to everything, and if we tried, our heads might literally explode.

Okay, a little dramatic...I know.

But here's the thing that hit me hard –

When we commit to something - fully - and go all out (and all in), things tend to fall into place.

And usually in a way we could have never imagined.

It's when we set a "pretty" goal - without our FULL commitment that things tend to fall apart around it.

So, on this day, in this moment, as you read this right now...

Ask yourself this:


Your new self-care routine
Your business start-up
Your family and quality time
Your partner and quality time
Your new office remodel
Your financial freedom
Your new workout schedule
Your new wealth creation plan
Your new idea for your business,,,,

And if you're not sure if you should commit to something or not, that's okay.

Take a walk,
Read a book,
Go for a drive,
Meet a friend,
Call your coach,
Or ask a mentor...

Just remember this:

If you don't go 100% in on something, it's a goal.

Not a commitment.

And once you do fully commit to it and give it your all –

As in - it's already a done deal..

Everything conspires to make it happen.

You're all lit up inside - and it's easy to see.


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