Harvest Your Dreams


Harvest is that magical time of year when you reap what you sow.  

This week we'll have a giant Harvest Moon in the sky, which makes me think of both Neil Young's version of the song – and bringing in the bounty of everything we've been working on up until this very point.

What have you been harvesting in your own life?
What are you planting, reaping and sowing?

What are you gathering now?

This is an excellent time to gather all of your energy, ideas, plans and 

RECEIVE what you've planted.

Which sounds easy, right? 

Well, for some of us it's quite the opposite.

Just when we're at the last push...

We second guess our choices
We question our desires
We limit the possibilities


There are a couple of reasons for this..

Why does it seem that our soul's growth stops – and right before the finish line? 

Sometimes it's trying to protect us from stepping into who we know we are inside.  Fear of the unknown.  Fear of what's next.  Fear of receiving all that you desire.  

Because then you have to step up and maybe be a little uncomfortable in your new role – in this new version of You.

I urge you – just for TODAY to take a look at your own life and all that you've planted this year.

Get really honest and clear with yourself and ask:

Isn't it time?

All that you want is right there at your feet. 

You just might need some help seeing it. xx

Love. Molly

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