You Will Swim.


Today is the very last day of October 2017 and marks the halfway point of fall and winter.

Now is an excellent time to release the old and bring in the New. And be sure to take a moment to thank everything you're letting go of now for it's help in showing you what you need to know now.

Here's what came up that I jotted down in my journal this morning.

I hope it inspires you as it did for me to release what no longer serves you, and dive in to your next adventure with both feet.

You will swim.

As I fully step into my Vision Now, I openly release the old people, habits, things and beliefs that no longer serve me.  I thank each and every single one of them for getting me this far and teaching me what I know now, for the highest good of my soul's growth and potential and the world.


Before you take the next step into November tomorrow, ask yourself these questions:

1. What am I ready to let go of, thank, and say goodbye to now?

2. What NEW vision am I stepping into? What new places, people and things am I calling in?

3. What support do I need to take this leap?

There are so many ways we can support our vision and stepping into the unknown.

I'm hosting a Free Workshop tomorrow – Wed. Nov. 1st at 12pm CST. Click here to get instructions to join us live. There will be a reminder and replay available, but you MUST sign up to receive it! Sign up here.

Happy swimming!