The Lotus Flower and You.

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You know how sometimes life can feel like it's spinning out of control?

Like a dark, scary, difficult, or confusing place?

Well, it's in these moments when it's vital to:

Pause, breathe, and just BE with it.

Knowing that - -

Whatever is coming your way
In whatever shape it's in
However it feels
And what it might be triggering you to spiral into

You can STOP at any moment in time.

By simply making a different choice.
By having a different thought.

Allow the new thought to seep in slowly, without judgement.

Just BE with it. 

You may notice that...

The Problem
The Issue
The Decision
The Worry

And the World –

Just doesn't look so scary anymore.

And then just maybe, it's in this space of dirt, mud, anguish, exhaustion –

That the lotus flower is reborn once again.

And your bright idea of how to take the next step and...

Do the thing
Fix the issue
Talk to her
Find a way

Feels much lighter, easy and even fun.

Knowing deep down it's always within you.

That's the place where all of you resides. 

And you're home (again). 

All my love,

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