2 Steps to Leap and Land (journaling exercise inside)

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As we wind down November this week and dip our toes into this new month, with a brand new year upon us....I'm curious...

What are you opening up to now?
What are the new possibilities you see?
What are you open to seeing unfold?

Recently I took a big leap to work with best-selling author and coach Michael Neill to deepen my understanding in the work I do with my clients in their business and lives. 

I'll be heading to Santa Monica in January and throughout the year to train with Michael and a group of international coaches.

This leap was something that I really wanted to take and new in my heart that it was the right next step for me.  I spent months trying to talk myself out of it though - not because I didn't think I should do it - but because I thought it was too big of a step for me to take and I spent some time, up in my head looking at all the steps that would need to happen in order for me to do.  Each step intimidated me until I broke down and said 'no' for now.

Then, out of nowhere I felt the strong sense of YES.  

And I told myself...

What could happen if I say YES to doing this for myself? 
Where will this go if I say YES to this opportunity?
How will it unfold if I say YES and just be with it?

Surprising, it all just 


And it was almost effortless.

The extra money showed up in an easy and effortless way.
My husband was surprisedly onboard and super supportive.
My clients understood and were fine with my new schedule.
My kids got excited for me.
The perfect flight and hotel was available.
I was 29 out of 30 and could join, just in time.

This reminds me how falling in love with my life and my business sometimes literally feels like falling.  

The thing about falling is that if you try and grab onto something (control it) as you're falling down, you'll only hurt and slow your progress.

I'm not suggesting you jump off a cliff at all - - please don't!  I'm definitely not suggesting you do anything that goes against your values.

What I am suggesting is this:

Step 1:

Take a moment to think about a time when you took the leap and said YES to something without having a clue how it would turn out.  All you knew at the time was that you were ready, wanted to do it or had a "feeling" and just went with you gut.

What happened after? 
How did it unfold?
What occurred and transpired? 
And what happened next?

Step 2:


Fully say YES to it.

And know that you will land in a new place, with a whole new way of seeing the world.

Be open to the not knowing of it all.

You may just be surprised..
At the unfolding of
All the possibilities
And most especially

How it feels when you



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